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School-based sex education is a key resource in large-scale support of adolescent sexual health. Parents
are the first and most important teachers of their children and have a fundamental right to be in charge
of their children’s education. As in all critical education topics, students are best served when schools
and parents partner to build their knowledge and skills. Additionally, for some young people, school-based sex education is their only opportunity to receive this vital information.


High-quality implementation of the newly adopted health curriculum standards could result in virtually every Texas student receiving access to medically accurate information on topics such as contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and healthy relationships.


However, many districts, especially smaller and less-resourced rural districts, tell us they face significant barriers in implementing new standards. Some common barriers include confusion with complex Texas laws around sex education, lack of time resources to identify high-quality curriculum, under-resourced school health advisory councils, and real or perceived low levels of community support for sex education. Even after curriculum adoption, implementation challenges such as teacher training and compliance with state laws around topics such as parent notification and consent may take significant district resources.


Texas is Ready is here to support school districts in lessening the barriers to implementing
high-quality, evidence-based sex education and ensuring that marginalized groups of youth have equal
access to it.

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Texas Is Ready supports schools, families, students, and communities as they implement high-quality sexual health education. 


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